The Rills – ‘Stardog’

Following their recent single ‘The Angler’, and subsequent TikTok fame, The Rills are back with their huge new tune, ‘Stardog’

This is a track that needs to be played loud; instrumentals are both heavy and incredibly danceable. The opening riffs get the track off to an incredible start before lead singer Mitch comes in with his dynamic and emotive delivery, his vocal performance is brilliantly unique, half-spoken word, half-sung – the frontman absolutely nails it which curls around the lyricism that centers around the character “The Stardog”. 

The Stardog is an amalgamation of the small town dealers that I knew growing up in Lincoln / He’s very much a big fish in a small pond and that can really get into people’s heads, regardless of what they do.” Mitch comments. Meanwhile, he has been sharing his songwriting expertise over lockdown, providing songwriting workshop live streams to aspiring musicians through Youtube and Twitch.

The band are also using some very creative recording methods in this new track, the breakdown being recorded through a phone. “we wanted to get the authentic sound of a phone call and not just some plugin effect emulating it.”, and it has worked well in their favour as the breakdown provides a short period of rest before you’re plunged back into the maelstrom that is ‘Stardog’.



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