The Rills- ‘The Angler’

The Rills are bustling their way to the top with their chaotic tidal wave of noise. 

The UK post-punk scene is thriving, bands like Slaves and Idles are making some of the most exciting music coming out of the UK right now and The Rills could well be one of the future faces of this scene.

Their latest single ‘The Angler’ is a chaotic tidal wave of noise; the instruments working perfectly together to create a heavy, but danceable sound that is bound to get mosh pits moving. 

The song opens with an IDLES influenced intro with crushing bass and drums pummeling your eardrums before the incredibly catchy lead guitar line comes in. The band manages to nail the fun, slightly pop-punk sound, while also putting their own touch on it and creating a sound that they can call their own. The chorus is incredibly addictive, it is an absolute earworm and it has an incredibly satisfying melody that I have been listening to on repeat.

Lyrically, ‘The Angler’ tells the story of “the lad you wished you’d never met”, a guy based off of the people the band met while coming of age. Lead singer Mitch Spencer said “I wanted the song to feel ironically triumphant. This guy, ‘The Angler’, genuinely thinks he’s a hero – a master of his game out on the pull. But in reality, behind the desperate dance-floor exchanges and sycophantic facade, he’s got some serious issues with his identity.”

Mitch’s delivery of these lyrics, it’s fast and frenetic, bordering on manic at some points, his voice sounds great, over the top of the band’s exciting instrumental, especially when he sings “Like Angela Merkel in a purple shell suit”. His clever lyricism is something that sets the band apart. He uses specific references and places in his words to help immerse the listener into the world of the song, “I was trying to do a Joyce. Capture the universal in the specific.”

This song could be the one to propel them further into popularity. They’re regular’s in the bustling world of the east London live music scene, having supported bands such as Italia 90 and King Nun, and they have been tipped as a fantastic live band. 

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