The Riot Vans – ‘Scotrail’s Stealing All My Money

The Riot Vans storm back on to the scene with their straight-to-thepoint single ‘Scotrail’s Stealing All My Money’

Vigorous and intense, The Riot Vans rarely fail; if ever, to offer up some juicy material that’s guaranteed to get your heart pounding. The new single ‘Scotrail’s Stealing All My Money’ is no exception!

Tongue in cheek lyrics of course make their way in the track straight away, alongside forceful punk tones oozing from the guitar riffs and unrelenting drums. From the very first moment, everything its cranked up to 110% ready to screech and assert dominance with rip-roaring vocals and guitar licks. 

More noise, more frustration, more snarling, The Riot Vans are the Scots that keep on giving, the adrenaline-fuelled approach is executed perfectly and ages like a fine wine; or in this case some sort of beautiful amber IPA. These lads are a perfect example of the new wave of punk from Scotland in the years to come, no doubt that the inevitable competition to break out onto the scene will see them with even more passion and provide us with plenty more bangers!

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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