The Riot Vans – ‘Street Fighter’

Hailing from Perth, Scotland, punk band and four-piece The Riot Vans return with their bouncy but boisterous new single ‘Street Fighter’  

Taking the influences of the likes of The Libertines, The Clash, and Slaves, Scotland’s very own punk band, The Riot Vans elevate that. Reaching over 20,000 Spotify streams and features including Gigslutz / This Feeling’s ‘Track of the Day’ – they’re paving their way and making their mark in the Scottish music scene. 

Recorded and produced by Scotty Anderson, ‘Street Fighter’ consists of classic, funky beats, stomping riffs, and obnoxious, distorted guitar licks.

With their immense jolt of energy, the four talented lads explain their new offering: “There’s a sense of battle in the beat, something out of a final boss fight scene or something. We wanted to keep that feeling in the lyrics too, with a commentary on the action on the streets of Glasgow late at night. We invite you in by beginning with the rules of street fighting, but soon compare the legends of martial arts, boxers, and wrestlers to the ugly wall punching scraps back home, slagging off ourselves for lack of taste in combat skills. With fierce fight sequences and face to face first bell beats, we teach you the rules of the ‘Street Fighter'”.



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