The Snuts release ‘All Your Friends’.

Before you go on to read this review and watch the music video, I’d strongly advise you to not try this at home.

The Snuts aren’t Scotland’s little secret anymore. With an overflowing diary full of festival slots, sold out gigs and catchy bangers – it doesn’t surprise me that they are growing to be one of the most anticipated and exciting new indie bands in the country.  

With the likes of their older releases such as ‘Seasons’, ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Manhattan Project’, their new song ‘All Your Friends’ seems like a new beginning for the four Scotsmen. It’s splashed with haunting flicks of the guitar and elastic riffs that follow. Equally, they’ve taken a new approach and their refined sound makes them slightly more professional and cleaner. Squeaky clean. It’s packed full of energy, too.

To top it off, their video for ‘All Your Friends’ is a comical story that is set in a microwave whilst they’re sipping on bottles of Buckfast whilst trying to be sold on an 80’s themed shopping channel. It’s clever and something I’ve never, ever seen before which makes The Snuts something out of the ordinary.

Their progression is outstanding and the indie-rock music scene in Scotland is forever growing and oozing extreme talent, including this great band who are going to go on to do some amazing things.


Watch the video for ‘All Your Friends’ below.

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