The Valla – ‘Shut My Mouth’

From funky to rebellious, The Valla release their new track ‘Shut My Mouth’.

The sun is beaming down, lockdown is slowly easing, summer is finally here, and now we have the perfect accompaniment to the sunshine – a new song by The Valla. After their brilliant release, ‘Ice Cream’, they’ve released the new track ‘Shut My Mouth’. ‘Ice Cream’ was a funky, upbeat number, the clever songwriting, and ridiculously catchy melody really leaped out to me. Luckily, this new track is no different.

‘Shut My Mouth’ is a pop-rock retelling of booze-fuelled regret. I got the chance to speak to the band’s Drummer, Alex, who told me that the lyrics “tell the story of a member of the band who got a little too drunk at a New Years Eve party and overshared a bit too much with their partner.” Throughout this rather rebellious outfit, the lyrics are incredibly catchy, but especially during the chorus, “Wish I could shut my mouth and keep it locked up, long enough to not offend you some more”. They’re emotional, whilst also being playful and comical.

The Valla have once again proved themselves to be incredible songwriters, both in the lyrics but also the instrumentals. ‘Shut My Mouth’ is a piece of pop-rock perfection, the guitars and steady drumbeat keep the groove moving, without the added complexities. The first chorus: all the instruments fade out other than the sound of a soft acoustic guitar behind the brilliant, vulnerable vocal performance. This track has a summer feel, reminding me of hot summer days spent listening to music in a field with thousands of strangers, a far cry from the summer we’re having this year. 

Speaking drummer, Alex, he told me how lucky they were with the timing of their recording session, it was recorded just one day before the nation went into lockdown. I asked whether as a band they were excited to play ‘Shut My Mouth’ live, he said “We’re honestly dying to get back out there and start gigging again. As soon as it’s safe to do so, we’ll be gigging as much as we possibly can! And ‘Shut My Mouth’ will definitely be on the setlist!”

The Valla are a brilliant band who write incredibly catchy, summery songs.


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