The Vegan Leather – ‘Who’s Knocking on My Door?’

Scottish quartet The Vegan Leather, armed with razor-sharp riffs and bubbling with anxiety-induced rage, pursue a new punk edge in their new belter of a single ‘Who’s Knocking on My Door?’.

From the get-go you’re caged in by a cacophony of sound coming from angles you didn’t even know existed, vocals coming from a place of deeply buried anxiety yet translating into a consuming; ferocious and volatile storm. Untamed riffs are let loose and uncontrollable being their heaviest sounding guitars to date – what a welcome sound it is!

It’s hard to fit in all the empowering aspects of the track but to not highlight the high energy and erratic, back and forth vocals between Marie Collins and Gianluca Bernacchi would be unjust. The chemistry between the two is unheard of and brilliantly unique.

You thought you knew The Vegan Leather’s sound? They prove right here that they have no sort of boundary and you can’t casually label them – and deserve to be shoulder to shoulder with the rest of Scotland’s many rising stars that are taking over!


Jack McGill
Deputy Editor

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