Tiger Mimic release their debut EP ‘Elephant Skeleton’

Tiger Mimic are the new quartet within the indie rock scene. Half of the group is from New York City (Bram Johnson- Vocals/guitar and Jess Rhodes- Vocals/synth), while the other is from London (Ben Willis- Bass/backing vocals and George Latham- Drums).

In 2018, when Bram and Jess (already a duo in NYC) were joined by Ben and George, they started recording with Grammy Award winner Matt Lawrence, releasing three singles over the last half of 2018, including “I Took Off My Body”.

Their debut EP “Elephant Skeleton” was released on January 18th, the EP mixes brilliant guitar riffs, incredible harmonies, and beats that will keep you moving for a while.

They may only be at the beginning of their career but there’s no doubt that Tiger Mimic will go far within the London indie scene, and we can only hope beyond.

Listen to their EP below:



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