Tim Koh – ‘Rational Anthem’

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, Tim Koh, has announced the release of his debut album, in your dreams, released on Tim Burgess’ label. The announcement was paired with the release of new single ‘Rational Anthem’. 

This new single is an experimental, psych-pop dream. Its off-kilter guitar progression reminds me of alt-pop kings The Flaming Lips. It has the sound of an upbeat indie rock track, but with an experimental edge that makes it far more interesting than that. It changes the sound in an instant, shifting from fast, choppy, distorted guitar riffs, to quiet, mellow sections that feel like a completely different song. In any other context, I don’t think that would work, but Tim managed to take these different sections and meld them together in a way that really works. The instrumentals are very interesting, they feel disjointed and chaotic, with lots of different things all going on at the same time, completely at odds with the relatively simple vocal line going over the top of it. I love the juxtaposition. The video that was released alongside the song is a very powerful watch, it includes footage from the Black Lives Matter protests that continue to take place across the world, and documents some of the shocking violence that occurred at the hands of the police. I highly recommend watching the piece. *However, viewer discretion is advised.*

The album was written in Amsterdam, L.A. and London, and was recorded in the wake of Tim’s life-threatening accident in 2018. This accident features on the album in the form of audio clips that Koh recorded while recovering from the accident in the hospital. The album includes an incredible collection of featured artists including Chris Cohen providing some guitar, and Jay Watson of Tame Impala on the drums. 

The album is due for release on the 18th of September and is sure to be a treat for any experimental pop fans.



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