Tom Aspaul – ‘The Program’

Does anything sound more appetising than “a dynamic, 80s-infused romp”? Didn’t think so.

Tom Aspaul brought the glitz and glamour to honour his hometown for the immaculate ‘Black Country Disco’ – an ode to the West Midlands that’s drenched in glacé harmonies and seductive motions alongside revisits to heart-aching anecdotes of previous life lived in drizzling London town.

Over two million streams and countless acclaimed nods later, Tom is set to reimagine the world of ‘Black Country Disco’ by introducing its remix album: ‘Black Country Discothèque‘.

‘The Program’ sets the scene; an elated, jubilant piece of gold transported from the disco heavens. “I am the glitch in your program, I won’t be stripped of who I am” Aspaul exudes over synths worth desiring.

On the project, Tom explains: “I am super excited to start the second phase of the ‘Black Country Disco’ era! ‘The Program’ is such an amazing song, when I got in touch with Funk LeBlanc about collaborating for the remix album, they sent the demo through and it was a no-brainer. It feels like the perfect progression sonically – we’re definitely in a new decade – and I’m actually relieved to be singing about something other than heartbreak! Having Madeleine Wood on board with vocals is a bonus too, her voice really complements mine and her songwriting is incredible.

Expect to hear work from the likes of Grammy-nominated producer and mastermind behind Little Mix’s ‘Wasabi’; MNEK, the eccentric LGBTQ+ superstar Bright Light, retro remixer Initial Talk and so much more when ‘Black Country Discothèque‘ lands…

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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