Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison – ‘Crawling’

Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison are back with their stadium-ready tune ‘Crawling’

Since their last offering ‘Better Than This’, Tom Lumley and co. have plunged into the deep end with their brand new single ‘Crawling’ which oozes with stadium-ready riffs; a slice of their utterly anthemic sound including scuzz-heavy distorted guitar licks.

The Cambridge four are locked and loaded with high-velocity energy that is just ready to burst out and smuggle its way into your eardrums. Delving into the dashes of realism of relationships and it being somewhat addictive, the band take a turn as they continue to progress.

The band comment on the single: “‘Crawling’ is about being trapped in a chemical relationship. To the extent where it’s almost an addiction. Even though you know it’s nothing but bad for you, you just keep going back. We believe that this is commonplace in many modern-day relationships.” They add “We feel our generation and those younger can be insecure in themselves and in their relationships due to the pressure of social media and the sharing of the subjective “highlight reel.”



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