Happy People Music: Top ten singles of the year. 

This year has been a rollercoaster, and pretty much a disaster. With the Australian bush fires, the death of George Floyd, and Coronavirus topping it off for us, we can call it a write off – let’s be real. But, there has been a sense of hope, a sense of community, everyone looking out for each other and most importantly, some of the greatest tunes have graced us. Pop music has had us grooving, indie music has taken off more than ever, brit-pop has been rebirthed, and dance music has made its notorious return. Even when the creative sector is on its knees, gorgeous beats have been made and we have breathed it in and consumed it. 

We’ve chosen our top ten singles of the year, and a mixture of pop, indie, and disco has been thrown into the cauldron. It can’t get better than that.  

10. Heals – ‘Bar Fly’ 

Coventry newcomers and four-piece, Heals start us off with their debut single ‘Bar Fly’. Writing a track about a drunken wanderer, “stumbling between bars, and preaching nonsense from the barstool he sits on”. With their huge Foals influenced, sounding introdution and concoction of blinding sounds, their sound is unmatched and perfectly unique. Heals are ones to watch in 2021. 


9. Pale Waves – ‘Change’

The angsty group of four came back with a bang this year with their brand new Taylor Swift infused pop song ‘Change’. Since their debut album ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ in 2018, Pale Waves have been silent, working on themselves and frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie took some time to reflect on what she wants their new record to sound like. ‘Change’ dives into themes surrounding relationships with a video that glistens with colour, unlike their dark-toned videos previously. The highly anticipated wait is finally over, they’re back. 

8. Patawawa – ‘Disco Video’ 

Since their arrival into the music scene in 2015 and hailing from Derbyshire, Patawawa are known for their groovy tunes – ‘Disco Video’ is bouncy and screams empowerment. Speaking on the track, Patawawa said: “We wanted to write this song as a big shout out to all the strong women out there who are doing their best to make more strong women!” it’s escapism at its finest, something we truly need at the moment.


7. Deco – ‘Brakes On’

Taking influence from the likes of Duran Duran, George Michael, and Friendly Fires, the 80’s inspired outfit Deco, have taken their time to cement their sound to create the gorgeous ‘Brakes On’ which captures its glistening hooks, catchy lyrics, and a has a hint of swagger. It’s a feel-good bop that is a disco-frenzy offering. “It’s a real celebration of everything we’re about”.

6. Niko B – ‘Who’s That What’s That?’ 

Party animal Niko B released one of the catchiest songs this year with his hit single ‘Who’s That What’s That?’ that reached over 24,000,000 streams on Spotify- spewing absolute waffle about the fast-food chain McDonald’s and Ciroc vodka: “Got a Grey Goose for a good price and I mix that with coke and ice.” this hip-hop prince collates fun, eccentric beats together to make perfect hits that are easy on the ears, and it’s rather catchy. Warning: you’ll have it stuck in your head for a few days. 


5. Crystal Tides – ‘Courtney Love’ 

South-coast rockers Crystal Tides are all about honesty and being rather candid in their music but they make it sound good. Their most recent single ‘Courtney Love’ is a strong, straight-to-the-point, and fast paced track that tells a story of exploitation in the music industry, something the boys personally went through and many others experience. The four-piece put pen to paper and made a great indie-pop song that cements their sound – the only way is up for them. 

4. Little Mix – ‘Sweet Melody’

He used to sing me sweet melodies / He played me, made me believe it was real love…” breathe Little Mix over fiery syncopated beats, flinging their rose-tinted shades into the ashes of a lustreless relationship. These ladies have had their fair share of adversities, especially when men are involved. The tempestuous chorus of ’Sweet Melody’ galumphs over their exes’ redundant rhymes – creating an anthem for themselves that no one can ruin.

3. Hayley Williams – ‘Simmer’ 

Flashing with anger and rage, Hayley Williams released her debut solo single ‘Simmer’ in January this year. Which sees her soft, vulnerable, and feeling liberated that she can delve into something of her own that oozed with dark and experimental pop. Taken from her debut solo album ‘Petals For Amor’ in which you hear Williams muttering “wrap yourself in petals….” this introduction became spooky but iconic as she showed off her new sound. 

2. Lady Gaga (with Ariana Grande) – ‘Rain On Me’ 

All aboard this one-way flight to Chromatica. 2020 can be summed up in three simple words: Rain. On. Me. It’s metaphorical, holds power, and is sung by two powerhouses admitting that yes, they would in fact rather be dry, but guess what? They’re still kicking! This song is a message to carry into the new year as a sense of hope and light; the rain won’t fall forever.

1. Candid – ‘Numbers Game’ 

Coventry’s most promising band Candid have been up to all sorts this year, but they’ve been hit hard by the Coronavirus outbreak – their headline show at Coventry Empire got postponed twice but they had the opportunity to play the virtual BBC Radio One: Big Weekend, and released three singles. Their most recent offering ‘Numbers Game’ takes the top with this year’s number one single. This track saw the lads write truthfully about their own experiences within the music industry and how they have been seen as “numbers” – they deal with brutally honest lyrics and an alluring bridge alongside their searing guitar licks.

Jordan White
Assistant Editor

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