TRACK OF THE WEEK: Flyte – ‘Under The Skin’

Full to the brim with emotion, Flyte take our track of the week with their stunning single ‘Under The Skin’

The final single to be released from the band’s upcoming sophomore album ‘This Is Really Going to Hurt’ is a track entitled ‘Under the Skin’ and it sees Flyte at their most vulnerable. Frontman Will’s distinctive vocals are layered over a backdrop of slowly building piano, accompanied by the soft thudding of a drumset. It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates all the feelings experienced when you lose a long term partner after a tumultuous breakup. Filled to the metaphorical brim with emotion, by the final quarter you can practically feel the pain in the lyrics come to life.

When in discussion about the track, lead singer Will Taylor explains how ‘Under the Skin’ is a “build-up of tension, it warns of imminent chaos. An ode to a relationship that’s on the brink of chaos. I hope we never have to write a song like it again, it was a very dark time.

This next album is seemingly turning out to be an excellent follow-up to the band’s first album ‘The Loved Ones’ which was released in 2017 and it certainly seems to be much stronger in terms of both the lyrics and emotional depth thus far.

‘This is Really Going to Hurt’ is out on April 9th

Minty Slater-Mearns

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