TRACK OF THE WEEK: ĠENN – ‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’

Taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Liminal’, ĠENN release their funky fresh new single ‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’ 

Experimental, fun, and full of escapism, Brighton-based band ĠENN release their brand new single ‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’ that is a light-hearted tale of vocalist Leona Farrugia’s other life as a fish as she swims away from negativity and around the course of her homeland, Malta. 

‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’ is tainted with eccentric guitar licks, alluring spoken word, and perky beats.

Leona speaks about the track: “I think Mackerel’s Funky Mission is an escapism mechanism…. you sort of pretend to be someone else – in this case a fish – to escape from a current situation. It’s fun to pretend you’re something else and write from that perspective. It was also inspired by the lockdown as I wanted to be a fish just to be able to travel, and also by my love for the sea. I tried to be as visual as possible with the lyrics and the story.

ĠENN is set to release their EP ‘Liminal’ on the 30th of March. 


Image credit: Bridie Florence



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