Troye Sivan ‘Bloom’: The growth of pop

With #20GAYteen in full swing Troye Sivan is here with ‘Bloom’. The infectious follow up single to ‘My My My!’ which is the second official single in line for his upcoming sophomore album, set to be released late this year.

Teasing the song on social media sites with the caption ‘it’s about flower’, fans speculated that the song would be a love struck song. Opening with the lines ‘Take a trip into my garden, I’ve got so much to show ya’ takes the classic idea of opening up to someone and infuses it with a sense of sexual desire. Starting with a stripped back production of bass and drums, Troyes voice flows effortlessly over the track to create a lively and light atmosphere, reflective of the songs title.

Heavy bass and synthesised sounds are implemented into the bridge and chorus, creating an eerie atmosphere before breaking down into an almost 1975 influenced beat produced through raw instrumentals. Seeing Troye breaking the barrier between pop and alternative sounds as he grows ‘(Yeah I bloom) I bloom just for you’. Also, using metaphors of flowers and gardens to describe what it means to open up to a lover. “Come on baby, play me like a love song/Every time it comes on, I get this sweet desire”.

Whilst the song may not be as preppy and interesting as ‘My My My!’ the song continues to follow the same structure. The bridge of the song however, does strip back on the production and uses voice modifications to enhance this futuristic pop ideal, seen by artists such as Charli XCX have done in past projects.

The music video itself, whilst not the official visual for the track, continues to experiment with the futuristic vibes, showcasing Troye as an elegant and shiny robot floating around a warehouse. The track as a whole shows a more mature and happy version of Troye that fans can’t wait to experience.

Words: Jake Frain


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