Tugboat Captain – ‘Everything About You’

London DIY indie-pop four-piece Tugboat Captain return with Everything About You’, the final single to be lifted from their upcoming debut studio album, ‘Rut – out October 16th on Glaswegian label, Double A-Side Records.

Moving away from the Belle and Sebastian-esque baroque-pop style seen in earlier singles ‘Day to Dayand No Plans (For This Year)’, ‘Everything About You’ is an energetic, raucous and chaotic song, which centres on frontman, and the song’s main character, Alexander Sokolow attempting to liven up a conversation at a party, diverting any attention away from himself.

The questions in the chorus about relationships, records, and reefer – “What was the first record you owned? Where was the first place you got stoned? When was the last time you felt loved?” – are quite basic queries, but are relatable and are great icebreakers for moving on a conversation. There is an infectious riff in the background of the song (I can’t tell whether it is played on a guitar or keyboard, or neither!), which is my favourite part of the song, becoming an earworm since I first heard the song. The vocal delivery from Sokolow reminds me hugely of Alex Rice, of Sports Team. The low-pitched, slightly depressed sound contrasts the horns and guitar parts behind it really well, creating a juxtaposition within the song itself.

The video is in a style we have become all too accustomed with over the last eight months. Each band member features dancing, miming lyrics, and just generally messing around. The video also features scenes from the band’s Be Strong tour earlier this year. The video includes scenes of crowd surfing, something familiar to the band, known for their chaotic live shows. The song itself, which has been part of the band’s live set for the past year, captures that energy, thanks to, in part, producer David Dargahi (The Postelles).

The three singles can give fans hope that Rut will be a great album for the band who record, rehearse and release music from their South London terraced house. This crew of family and friends, described by Lost In The Water as “One of the most fun bands on the planet”, have made waves in the DIY pop community, and their upcoming LP hopefully will boost their reputation in the UK and beyond.

Rut will be released on October 16th on Double A-Side Records. Singles ‘Day to Day’, ‘No Plans (For This Year)’, and ‘Everything About You’ are out now on all streaming platforms.


Ben Hunter

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