TV People – ‘Nothing More’

With what feels like heavy-hearted catharsis and powerful means, TV People offer up ‘Nothing More’ in nothing less than a beautiful and powerful way.

Dublin four-piece TV People have created an honest and strong single which I find to be ever so refreshing in its tone which is articulated with a deep voice by vocalist and guitarist Paul Donohoe, he shows off a heavy voice that grips true power on the track. “Don’t buy the bullshit trend”, “I’m so tired, of making sense of the method in the meaningless”. Such a candid and frank address of slight nihilism, complexly poetic yet conveyed ever so simply.

I’m enriched and engulfed with strong emotion but not quite overwhelmed, that being something that I appreciate with how there for some reason seems to be a quota of speed that bands now feel they must meet. Not TV People though, in ‘Nothing More’ they say take us for what we are because we will not change. Such precise skill demonstrated throughout the bridge allows for them to stay concise in the song’s meaning.

TV People are about to be at the forefront of Dublin’s post-punk and rock scene with great ease at such a young age.

Jack McGill
Deputy Editor


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