TV People ‘String’

Amongst the new wave of Dublin indie-punk, TV People, who’s latest offering ‘String’ reflects on self-destruction through addiction, a tale told through the hypnotic voice of frontman Paul Donohoe

2020 has been a successful year for TV People, with radio play across multiple stations, including BBC Radio 1. Drawing the year to a close with ‘String’ will no doubt help to continue the well deserved, and growing attention they’re receiving.

Frontman Paul Donohoe says: “String is about my past experiences with addiction and using self-destructive behaviour as a coping mechanism for life’s problems.” 

In the music video, the band are surrounded by thick smoke and very little colour as the song starts, until the chorus begins; red lighting shining through the smoke, reflecting the warning and danger that the lyrics portray – an insight into the feelings and struggles of addiction are shown. Following this with a sharp drop back to the dark and colourless warehouse once again shows that the lows very much outweigh the highs as the melodic guitar playing leads back into the second verse.

Filled with powerful lyrics, and the realisation that “there’s no healing in this feeling”, the song delves deep into the mind of the frontman, while paired with a cleverly intertwined rhythm section that flows throughout. With clear inspiration from a vast range of genres, the band have expressed their talent with their fourth single of this year, showing that they won’t let anything come between them and the heights they want to reach.


Dillan Ashton

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