VIDEO: HEALS – ‘Bar Fly’

Following the release of the gritty, hard-hitting debut track ‘Bar Fly’ in October last year, HEALS premiere their stylish sixties’ inspired music video to go alongside the track.

Dripping with lead guitarist Joey Hayward’s gorgeous guitar riffs and boasting lush effortless raspy vocals, ‘Bar Fly’ allowed the group to show off their own “rough-around-the-edges” sound and is perfectly placed alongside the fun-filled, boozy video.

The group tells a story of an “alcoholic wanderer” stumbling between bars with a stunning mix between Harrison Thompson’s heavy bass and dreamy backing vocals layered alongside frontman Ali Whelan’s strong vocals. Serving up a frantic rap just a minute into the track and then hitting us with Sam Riley’s massive drum tracks alongside a beautiful and energetic last-minute guitar solo that builds up to the last few seconds of the song – HEALS continues to impress from start to finish. In short, ‘Bar Fly’ is three minutes of indie-rock perfection, leaving us all pretty excited to hear what the four-piece get up to in the future.


Beth Rossiter

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