TRACK OF THE WEEK: Violet – ‘Fade’

Infectious hooks and drenched in indie-synths, Violet release their brand new single ‘Fade’ 

Touching on teenage naivety and transitions into the real world, Birmingham band Violet step into the dream-pop indie-sphere with their brand new single ‘Fade’ that oozes with sweet synths and trickles with a 90s grunge sound. It comes as no surprise that another band from Birmingham can take their tunes and turn it into something smooth and so spectacular; it puts them at the very front of the Midlands music scene, in a part of the country that holds some of the most exciting, upcoming bands and Violet are climbing their way to the top. 

Since their debut single ‘Feel’ in late 2017, Violet have made it their mission to get stuck in and bask in their ethereal sound with their new offering. Produced by Catherine Marks at the iconic Assault and Battery Studios, ‘Fade’ is set to dominate your eardrums with its large sound and alluring tones. 



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