White Light – ‘Not My Style’

Flashing themselves up on the music radar this week is White Light with their debut single ‘Not My Style’.

The dream-poppers make their footsteps on the music scene by delivering a psychedelic infused love song, wrapping it up in a blanket of soft-sounding melancholy. The lyrics and melody are a brewed up mixture of melancholic lust and glee. White Light are yet to make a name of themselves on the UK indie scene but they will soon be storming the waves with a single like this. They bring a ripe – nostalgic, however – sound to the scene with their lo-fi vocals, funk-infused beat, and melodic guitars as well as not mentioning that this is all sugar-coated with intricate lyrics. This style of the song is very experimental and is also another way of direction that upcoming acts are strolling along to.

I think when you first look at the cover of the release you sort of have an idea what you are in for. The pastel pink gives you the impression that you are in store for something soft-sounding as well as being majestic; your eardrums are just about to be met with nourishment rather than a fix. The mixture of the blue and white also allows the sound of the single to take you on a nice little trot through the skies, hopping from cloud to cloud. I feel that the colour of the single cover reflects the melody and melancholy of the track. You immerse yourself into a pile of sweet-tasting fruits, filling your head with vibrancy whilst convincing yourself that you weren’t cut out for a particular relationship. ‘Not My Style’ is a means of advice to advise you that the reason something did not work was not solely down to you – the message of the song is that it’s trying to give you a sense of healing after the collapse of sentiment but in a way that’s not self-destructive – hence the melody and constant funky beat. I really think that what you get out of this song is wholly subjective and that is really the beauty of it.

Fans of Shambolics, Floral Scene, and Swim Deep will adore this new release as it is a style of dream pop that is making a resurgence. If you’re into feeling hazy or want to submerge yourself into a smokescreen of violets, then this track I strongly recommend. There is nothing better than a track that can potentially become your everyday soundtrack – this is what Not My Style provides you with.


Jack McKenna

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