Will Naisbitt – ‘Do It Again’

Birmingham newcomer is once again setting the bar high against his competitors with his witty yet infectious latest single, ‘Do It Again’.

Based on the basis of his romantic revelations of the strenuous dynamics of ‘friends to lovers’, listeners are hooked between warm summer breeze soundscapes with the sentiment, tangible theme he delves within the heart-sleeve lyricism.

As he sings, “There’s been history and, I can’t believe we let it breathe so long when all I see in everything is things you’d laugh about,” we become aware of the feelings of missed opportunities and the artist’s urge for a change through the juxtaposed position of blissful production that creates the perfect summer hit to resonate with.

From his intoxicating single ‘Would You Wait For Me’ to the feel-good ‘Do It Again’. the 19-year-old possesses an undeniable talent of growth and maturity that’s leading him to the top of bedroom pop.

Ross Mondon

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