Wolf Alice – ‘The Last Man on Earth’

Wolf Alice make their long awaited return with their new single ‘The Last Man on Earth’

Having been on a hiatus of sorts since they finished touring their last album, ‘Visions of a Life’ in 2018, Wolf Alice have returned with their latest single ‘The Last Man on Earth’. Alongside this new track, they also announced their third album, entitled ‘Blue Weekend’ – set to be released on June 11 via Dirty Hit. 

‘The Last Man on Earth’ is wildly different from the other singles the band have released to tease their previous albums, 2015’s ‘Giant Peach’ and 2017’s ‘Yuk Foo’ both feature throaty screams from Rowsell set against roaring guitar riffs that make listeners want to hurtle into a sweaty crowd but this track takes a different approach. It’s an (at first) seemingly innocent piano ballad that is an examination of the narcissistic impulse decisions that we as humans often make whilst also inviting us to do that very thing through shaping the lyrics to fit our own personal situations.

This new direction allows for Rowsell to be the forefront of the band rather than the instruments taking full hold, Ellie’s delicate vocals carry the track until an immensely powerful second half kicks in; Joel Amey’s drums, Theo Ellis’ guitar, and Joff Oddie’s bass enter in and hoist the track up a level, taking it to new heights. The psych riffs are enough to fill arenas, this is Wolf Alice at their very best.

Their last album, 2017’s ‘Visions of a Life’ bagged the foursome a Mercury Prize win and ultimately cemented themselves as one of the best bands around. If that’s anything to go by alongside the success of the rest of their musical catalogue then, ‘Blue Weekend’ is set to be a belter

Image: Jordan Hemingway

Minty Slater-Mearns

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