Yatabe – ‘Pretty Truth’

Move over Dua Lipa, there’s a new dance-pop icon on the scene.

Prepare to be struck immediately by the infectious rhythm of Yatabe’s latest single ‘Pretty Truth’, commencing two minutes of feel-good beats that’ll make you move your feet.

‘Pretty Truth’ teases the feeling of being at a club; it’s the ideal dancefloor filler that was simply made to be played at volume. As she sings “I’m alive, I’m alive”, Yatabe sounds confident, tapping into a strong feeling of positivity which seeks to empower and invigorate her fans.

Yatabe’s silky vocals both contrast and compliment the song’s strong EDM influences, creating a track that gives us a peek at the future of pop.

Having grown up in Japan, Yatabe holds her heritage close to her heart, using her artistic spirit to incorporate elements of Japanese and Western culture into her work, all the while showing her passion.

Yatabe is no stranger to success in the world of dance music, as her previous single ‘No Reason’ was featured on KISS FM’s playlist.

If you’re looking for some optimism to kickstart your 2021, look no further than ‘Pretty Truth’, as it foreshadows the energetic, inhibited good times we hope to have this year.


Evie Barrett

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