YNES – ‘Better Job’

YNES makes a statement towards Rishi Sunak in her latest offering ‘Better Job’

Behind the britpop flavoured punky establishment-bashing characteristics of YNES’ new single ‘Better Job’ sits an aspiring message of self-confidence. Optimistically grasping at the ambitions for a more fulfilling future, she lays down a boisterous statement chocked full of youthful bliss.

Speaking openly on iconic artists of the past e.g. The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, YNES lets it be known that whilst these legendary creatives can be marvelled at and aspired to, their artistic replication by any upcoming artist is tragically just not likely.

Disenchantment with the current music industry aside, ‘Better Job’ is fired up with personal freedom. YNES dismisses the expectations that come with growing up in a witty and sharp way. Charged with rough guitar and frantic monologuing, the track speeds along swiftly not outstaying its welcome and leaves a lasting impression of rebellious uncertainty. Unpolished but honest, raw but canny; YNES has a straightforward and to-the-point mandate, and ‘Better Job’, with its personal sentiment, succeeds in its ambition.


Harrison Smith

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