YNES x Girli (Remix) – ‘Pretty Sure’

YNES is back with a remix to her explosive debut single ‘Pretty Sure’, featuring London’s very own pink-haired pop rule-breaker GIRLI.

Released as YNES’ debut back in August 2019, ‘Pretty Sure’ was written from a personal point of view, after being cheated on and “deciding not to blame the other woman”. Released independently and with no promotion other than her own, the song has so far garnered an astonishing three-thousand views on the music video and two-thousand streams, collectively, on the track, across all streaming platforms.

The track opens with a throbbing drum beat and a tune straight out of a HAIM song, leading into the relatable opening lyrics “Woke up in the morning and you hadn’t read my texts, I think that’s worse than not replying“.

As the track reaches the chorus, you hear more of YNES’ anger towards the cheater, with an uptempo beat and piercing guitar riffs sprawling through the bridge over the fierce lyrics “That girl is not my enemy, no matter what you try to say to me“, reminding all the girls out there who have been cheated on by their man, that no matter what he says, the other woman is not the enemy.

GIRLI jumps in with her unique vocals on the second verse, bringing her badass style to the track. Handling the second verse, bridge, and chorus, this remix is the second delivery of new music fans have got from GIRLI in over a year, following the release of her recent single off her forthcoming album, ‘Has Been’.

The track ends on a sassy goodbye message, with both YNES and GIRLI’s distinctive vocals layered on top of each other, repeating “I’m pretty sure that you can get uh oh the fuck away from me”. The ‘Pretty Sure’ Remix is the last installment of the upcoming EP titled ‘Sit Down, Grow Up’, which brings an end to the first era of music from YNES.

In December, YNES will be headlining Grey Lantern for Happy People Music, ending the year with a bang, along with having a support slot for Nova Twins upcoming tour in April.


Isaac Dixon

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