YONAKA – ‘Ordinary’

Unveiling their most euphoric song to date, YONAKA are back with their brand new single ‘Ordinary’ 

With an uproar of energy, YONAKA’s new, self-produced single ‘Ordinary’ brings the Brighton four-piece to the forefront of the music industry as they bubble away and bask in a pit of energy. Their latest offering pushes boundaries – even though it doesn’t sway from their charming roots, something feels different about them. Their newly found confidence and power are ripe.

As they twist and turn in a bombardment of sounds, YONAKA makes sure they’re seen; a tinge of EDM in the bridge and passionate vocals evolve and rise to the surface. It’s a euphoric single that shows a different side to the quartet. 

Theresa Jarvis spoke on the track: “When you listen to this song I want you to be completely honest with yourself and ask if this is where you are meant to be; are you being yourself or are you scared? Are you living for someone else and forgetting yourself? Are you watching life go by like watching the t.v screen? Do you want to wake up old and wonder what you did with your life? This is your time to jump. Don’t let life pass you by. Make mistakes, cry, laugh, love. Do it for you. Shine in yourself and be happy to be anything but ordinary.”


Image Credit: Jade Jackman



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